Behind the scenes…

Behind Creativity-in-Action is the creative power of Andrea zur Strassen.

While writing her diploma thesis on reading salons of the 18th century at the Otto-Friedrich-University in Bamberg, Andrea was so fascinated by this topic that she began to think about how to transfer the concept of the salon of the 18th century into the 21st century. Today, Andrea has revived this idea by joining the salonfestival team - a network of art and culture enthusiasts in which both private and business people open their homes to promote art, music and culture. Find out more on

Andrea’s own networking circle The Nomads - a monthly meeting of people like Andrea who are "on the move" - also emerged from these thoughts. Her idea ignited – today 1000 members from the whole world rank among the nomads, settling in Great Britain and Switzerland. Andrea has also worked with various organisations, including London's National Gallery, the UBS Bank, BMW and even the Chinese television. Through her numerous stays abroad in Zurich, London and Luxembourg, she has built up a large international network.

Andrea lives by the motto "think differently" - there is nothing that can’t be done.

Due to her background as an international film producer and event maker, Andrea has the right know-how to advise you on creative event concepts. Beyond that, Creativity in Action offers an experienced, outgoing and innovative host for your next event with Andrea.


However, creating a perfect event is more than just a one-woman job: tight cooperation with producers, directors, event managers, caterers, logistics managers, branding and design experts, as well as numerous other professionals makes it possible to meet the specific requirements of each project.

And if Creativity in Action can't help you, we'll tap into our network and refer you to one of our experts.