The creative mind behind the scenes...

... that's me, Andrea zur Strassen. I live by the motto "think differently" - there's nothing that can't be done. Thanks to my background as an international film producer (my portfolio includes over 100 films and digital clips for companies such as BBC, Discovery Channel, Pro7, Red Bull and Smart) and event organiser, I have the right know-how to advise you on creative event concepts. Moreover, you will find in me an experienced, open and creative presenter for your next event.

Nomads Networker

Bein a "nomad" myself, I have brought to life my own networking circle: The Nomads - a monthly gathering of people who, just as myself, are "on the move". This idea has ignited - today, 1000 members from all over the world belong to the nomads settled in Great Britain and Switzerland. Through numerous stays abroad, for example in Zurich, London and Luxembourg, as well as cooperations with various organisations such as the London National Gallery, the USB Bank, BMW and even Chinese television, I have built up a large and international network.

Salon Culture 2.0

During my diploma thesis on the 18th century reading salons at the Otto Friedrich University in Bamberg, I thought about how the concept of the 18th century salon could be transferred into the 21st century. Today, I have revived this idea by joining the Salonfestival team - a network of people interested in art and culture, in which both private and business people open their homes to promote art, music and culture. I have already been able myself to welcome Dutch artist Jodymoon to my living room, along with many music and culture enthusiasts. You can find out more about the Salonfestival at - or, of course, from me personally.



Partner network

However, creating a perfect event is more than just a one-woman job: close cooperation with producers, directors, event managers, caterers, logistics managers, branding and design experts - and numerous other professionals - allow us to meet the specific requirements of your project. 

And if Creativity in Action can't help you, we'll tap into our network and refer you to one of our experts.


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