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We put the buzz into the room.

From promotional & launch events to educational workshops, films, film-inspired events and trend tours, Creativity in Action delivers unforgettable experiences that empower participants, deliver a message and leave them wanting more…


Unique Events

ein erfolgreiches Eventmanagement: Wir transportieren Emotionen und lassen sie in die Lüfte steigen: Ein Foto von einem Herz-Luftballon

Why hold an event, when you can create an experience? That’s what we say is why we bring a fresh, creative spark to our events so we can deliver memorable experiences with a message.

What’s the message? It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. To get to the bottom of things, we provide creative consultancy and tap into our film background, knowledge of the latest trends, international sensibilities and expertise to develop just the right experience for you – designed to inspire, entertain, educate, motivate… or any other “-ates” you can think of. We also manage the entire experience so the execution is as flawless as the idea.

What can you experience with Creativity in Action? We are true magicians of event management - whether anniversaries, workshops, charity events or lectures - we create unforgettable experiences that underline your image and convey your message. It's the little things in life that make a big difference. And CiA creates events in a different way...

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What kind of experiences do we create?

Jubilees & special occasions

Jubilees are a supreme discipline, a moment in which everyone pauses to think and look at where they come from and where they are going. We gladly support you in telling your story in an unforgettable way.

Promotional & launch events

We help organisations turn a launch or promotional event into an extraordinary experience.

Educational events & training workshops

When learning is your goal, we work hard to identify exciting new ways to engage participants.

Film-inspired events

We use film as a tool for audience inspiration and participation – to bring out the best in people and encourage teamwork.

Social networking

Today networking makes the world go ‘round. We create experiences that put the ‘social’ into the networking by bringing together interesting people, in interesting locations, united by common interests (often while drinking interesting cocktails).

Trend tours

These concept events never fail to inspire, excite and motivate… giving participants a little nudge outside of the box by exposing them to people and trends outside their day-to-day world.

Charity events

From gala dinners and fundraisers to children’s events, we enjoy creating bespoke experiences for a good cause … with a great effect.


We organize and manage conferences for public and private sectors clients, both nationally and internationally.

Eco-friendly events

Show yourself from your "green" side...

Lectures & Speeches

Lectures and speeches about extraordinary events and their message for different target groups - for future event managers or culture, art and music lovers.

Andrea zur Strassen - Your Event Speaker

Do you want your event to set an example or convey a specific message? A strong event moderation is the heart of every event and turns it into an experience. With the right speaker it is possible to inform, inspire and entertain your audience, in the light of your message - whether for 100 or 3,000 people.

And who would be better suited for this than someone who has accompanied your event right from the start? The company's founder, Andrea, will be the ideal speaker of your next event for companies, NGOs, associations, institutions and others. These events include conferences, specialist congresses, product presentations, gala evenings, anniversaries and more.

No matter which audience you want to address - Andrea makes it her business to motivate, mesmerize and to guide you and your guests through the evening with her "Think out of the box" attitude, her internationality and the certain pinch of lightness and glamour - and to convey the core of your message and send it out into the world.

With Creativity in Action as your next event speaker, your guests will begin the evening with an event and end it with an experience.

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THINK TANK - Think differently

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? In addition to organizing events and experiences, we also offer a "Think differently" – think tank, which will pep up your thinking with new impulses. This can either take the form of branding, sponsoring or social media campaigns, or developing other communication strategies or goals. Or something we haven't thought about yet. And when it comes to brainstorming, of course two (or three) heads are better than just one. That's why Creativity in Action works together with other creative creators from all over the world, who are all experts in their field (digital, branding, marketing & communications, etc.) to creatively assist us with your project.

We've got the right idea for you!

Film Production

The buzz you seek is in the form of a promotional, corporate or documentary film or a children’s or entertainment show.
Creativity in Action can swoop in and handle film-production end-to-end. We have produced over 100 films for large internationals and production companies and broadcasters, including the BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel, NBC, Pro7 and Chengdu Television in China, among others. Creating films for the web is also part of our repertoire, with clients like Red Bull and Smart Car.

The company’s founder has even been seen in front of the camera, for example as one of the participants in the German version of the hit UK TV show “The Apprentice” – in search of the most creative person in Germany. Moreover, she’s regularly giving lectures on events, art and networking.


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